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Monday, July 18, 2022

All Time is Now • debut show #001 - Side B

I N D I E 1 0 3 1 • ALL TIME is NOW
My playlist from part two of the debut broadcast, 
July 15th 2011
the third week of July...

1. WHEN DOVES CRY (12" version) by Prince and the Revolution
THIS WEEK in 1984: Prince has the #1 record in the world with the first single off the Long Player and Film Soundtrack, Purple Rain.
2. ROCK YOUR BABY by George McCrae
THIS WEEK in 1974: This New York City club hit became #1 in the US and the UK.
WHERE DA BIG BEATS COME FROM; We will have an ongoing series of looking at the original beats behind some of the biggest Hip Hop tracks over the decades. #1 in a series is...
3. WOMAN TO WOMAN by Joe Cocker
The original funky sample used by Dr. Dre in "California Love". From Joe's third Long Player, Joe Cocker in 1972.
4. CALIFORNIA LOVE by 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman
THIS WEEK in 1996: The sound of the summer 1996. 2Pac's come back record after being released from jail. His first #1 45. Also features Zapp Band singer Roger Troutman.
5. I'LL BE WAITING by Adele
THIS WEEK in 2011: The best selling Long Player of the year (so far), Adele's blockbuster, 21.
6. NIGHT NURSE by Gregory Isaacs
The Cool Ruler, Long Live Gregory Isaacs
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gregory on July 15th (1951)
7. ISRAELITES by Desmond Dekker & The Aces
The legendary track from 1968. The first Reggae #1 in the UK and a huge hit Internationally.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Desmond on July 16th (1941)
8. BRAND NEW CADILLAC by Vince Taylor & The Playboys
The one (and only) British Rockabilly King, and inspiration for Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. This B-side was later covered by The Clash on their classic Long Player, London Calling.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vince Taylor on July 14th
9. PHANTOM 309 by Red Sovine
The classic Country Narration about a night-time hitcher and the mysterious trucker that gives him a ride. Covered by Tom Waits on his Long Player, Nighthawks At The Diner.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Red Sovine on July 17th (1918)
10. THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND by Woody Guthrie
The timeless classic recorded in 1944. Everyone learned it in school. Huge influence on everything that came afterward.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Woody Guthrie on July 12th (1912)
11. DON'T THINK TWICE by Elvis Presley
THIS WEEK in 1973: The Bob Dylan classic covered by the King of Rock 'n Roll. From the Long Player, ELVIS [AKA Fool].
12. CHEREE by Suicide
THIS WEEK in 1978: The debut 45 from the legendary and influential New York band. A space age love song.
THIS WEEK in 1973: The Bob Dylan Soundtrack to the Film, Pat Garret & Billy The Kid staring James Coburn and Kris Kristopherson.


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Sunday, July 17, 2022

All Time is Now • The Beatles solo years Part III (1970)

The Beatles Solo years – Part III (1970) 

In this multi-part series, I take a look at The Beatle╩╝s solo years, beginning with the creation of Apple Records in 1968. 

For Part I (1968) link here...

For Part II (1969) link here...

PART III: As we start the year 1970, John has quit The Beatles. In the previous two years, Ringo had quit (during the recording of The Beatles/The White Album), and George had quit (during the recording of Get Back/Let It Be). The expectation at the time was that John might come back after the holidays.

The album, Get Back/Let It Be, is unreleased. A mix by engineer Glyn Johns was rejected by the band.

John is the only Beatle to have released solo singles. Paul has written and produced #1 hits for other Apple artists and has yet to record any solo music (experimental or otherwise).
George has been producing Apple artists, and releasing experimental albums. 
And Ringo is busy recording a proper solo album of covers. 

So without further adieu, let me introduce to you, the men you've known for all these years...


John&Yoko ended 1969 by going to visit the family of Yoko's second husband, Tony Cox and Kyoto (Tony and Yoko's now 6 year old daughter) in Denmark. News gets out locally that the famous Beatle is in town, so John & Yoko host a casual press conference to get the press off their backs "We're here, we love it. We love the snow." They decide to extend their stay another three weeks, until the end of January.

Jan 3rd; Three Beatles, (Paul, George, & Ringo) are in the studio with George Martin finishing recordings/overdubs on the Get Back/Let It Be album. 
They also record George's song, "I, Me, Mine". George is even heard joking about the missing Fab... "You all will have read that Dave Dee is no longer with us. But Mickey and Tich and I would just like to carry on the good work that's always gone down in [studio] Number Two."

The next day, together they record overdubs on "Let It Be" (single version is actually different from the Phil Spector album version). George records a new guitar solo, Paul replaces John's original bass part, they do some orchestrations with session musicians (brass, woodwinds, and cello), plus extra drums/percussion from Ringo and Paul on maracas. And add some more tracked backing vocals by Paul, George, and Linda McCartney. John is now only on the track as backing vocalist. There are more overdubs to be done for the album, but this will be the last time that all three Beatles are all in the studio together.

Glyn Johns compiles and mixes a new version of the album, Get Back/Let It Be. Including the new track, "I, Me, Mine", a new mix of "Across The Universe" and drops "Teddy Boy" (as it did not appear in the–still being edited–LET IT BE motion picture). This new mix would also later be rejected by the band.

Jan 8th; Olympic Studios, Glyn Johns is mixing "Let It Be" and George's song, "For You Blue". George does some new vocal overdubs. This will be George's last Beatles recording session.

Jan 18th: An exhibition of John Lennon's erotic lithographs "BAG ONE" opened at the London Arts Gallery in London. The next day the police officers raid the gallery and confiscate 8 of the 14 originals on the grounds of indecency. John&Yoko are not there for the opening.

Jan 20th: While still in Denmark, John&Yoko cut their hair. John's hair is shorter than it has been his entire adult life. Interestingly enough, cutting one's hair so short is symbolic of cutting loose the past and letting a new YOU grow.

Interview with John&Yoko on their way home.

Jan 26th: Ringo & Maureen fly to Los Angeles for the U.S. premiere of Ringo's film, THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN co-starring Peter Sellers.

While in LA, Ringo tapes an appearance on Rowen & Martin's Laugh-In (to be broadcast in late Feb)...

Jan 27th: John Lennon (now back home) writes a new song, "Instant Karma" and inspired wants it to be an, "instant record" too. He calls up everyone that played with him in Toronto (R'n'R Festival) to record it that very night. Eric Clapton, can't make it so John calls George Harrison who happens to be with Phil Spector at the time, and invites him along too.

The band is John, George, Klaus Voorman, Alan White, Billy Preston, with Yoko on backing vocals, and Mal Evens from Apple on Chimes.

The song is written, recorded, & mixed in one day. John also wants it pressed and in the shops the next day too, but record companies don't work that way, it does get in the shops a record breaking ten days later credited to, LENNON/ONO with the Plastic Ono Band...


45 – "Instant Karma" by Lennon/Ono with the Plastic Ono Band
And as with every Lennon 45 single, the B-Side is a Yoko track, "Who Has Seen The Wind?"
Produced by Phil Spector

Charts #5 UK / #3 US
Now back in London, Ringo continues work on his solo album of standards, "Sentimental Journey" with George Martin producing. He also does a number of takes of a new song of his, "You Gotta Pay Your Dues". Ringo offers the song to Badfinger to record (they pass). He would later re-record it as, "It Don't Come Easy" with George Harrison producing.

Following the success of the Hare Krishna Mantra single by Radha Krshna Temple, George Harrison produces another traditional chant, "Govinda". At the session, George plays acoustic guitar, Klaus Voormann plays bass, while Alan White on drums.

John&Yoko with Plastic Ono Band on Top of the Pops
"Instant Karma"
The Plastic Ono Band appear on Top of the Pops with Lennon on vocals and upright piano, Klaus Voormannon bass guitar, Mal Evans on tambourine, Alan White on drums, and Apple employee and music journalist BP Fallon on bass guitar and tambourine. Yoko crocheted while blindfolded and also held up cards during parts of the song.
Paul McCartney has been recording his debut album, McCartney at his St John’s Wood home and at Morgan Studios in London, the latter under the pseudonym, "Billy Martin".

LP – HEY JUDE by The Beatles
The compilation of non-album singles and B-sides is released world-wide (with the exception of the United Kingdom). Manager, Allen Klein had negotiated a more lucrative contract for the Beatles with Capitol Records in 1969 which required one compilation album per year.

Charts #2 US / #2 CDN


45 – "Let It Be"/"You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)" by The Beatles
Their final 45 (while seemingly still a group) is released world-wide.
Produced by George Martin.

Charts #1 around the world

After a second mix of the assembled, Get Back/Let It Be tapes by Glyn Johns was rejected by the band, Phil Spector starts work on mixing the album now called, Let It Be. Spector does some editing as well; shortening the intro and outro of, "I Dig a Pony", and lengthening, "I, Me Mine". In the studio, along with Spector is engineer Peter Brown, Allen Klein, George Harrison, and Phil Spector's bodyguard.
LP – Sentimental Journey by Ringo Starr
Ringo's solo debut is a collection of pre-rock 'n' roll standards (a unique concept at the time) that Starr recalled from his childhood in Liverpool ("songs me Mum liked."). There are no singles released from the album.
Produced by George Martin

Charts # 7 UK / #22 US
Ringo is back in the studio with George Harrison producing. They re-record his song, "You Gotta Pay Your Dues" AKA "It Don't Come Easy".

Paul's first solo LP is scheduled to come out April 10th and the planned, LET IT BE film was going to hit theatres just two weeks later. Paul's LP is seen as a potential conflict in promotion. John & George write a letter informing him that his LP has been delayed by Apple/EMI. Ringo is at Apple and decides to delivery the letter himself ("Why let some delivery boy drop it off?!)
McCartney is furious and feels that the others are trying to jeopardize his LP as he is the last Beatle to release a solo record.

April 10th; In a press release for his new solo album, Paul announces, The Beatles have split up.

LP – McCartney by Paul McCartney
Paul's solo debut is released. The cover a literal pun off the saying, "Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries."
No singles are pulled from the album. Not even the (now classic), "Maybe I'm Amazed".


LP – Let It Be by The Beatles

The final Beatles album is released. In most countries (except U.S.) the LP came in a box with a full colour book.
Produced by George Martin and Re-Produced by Phil Spector.

Charts #1 around the world

George is in the studio recording the album, All Things Must Pass, with Phil Spector producing. American pedal steel player Pete Drake is flown in for the sessions and Ringo picks him up at the airport. During the drive they discuss Ringo's love of Country music and Ringo suggests working together.

45 – "The Long and Winding Road"/"For You Blue" by The Beatles released world-wide except the United Kingdom.
Produced by Phil Spector.

Charts #1 US /

Just a month after meeting
pedal steel player Pete Drake, at his suggestion, Ringo is in Nashville, TN recording his second solo LP, Beaucoups of Blues, with songs all written and played by Nashville session cats. Over three days they record two to three songs a day. With Pete Drake producing.

April 10th;  
April 10th; 

LP – Beaucoups of Blues by Ringo Starr
Produced by Pete Drake

Charts # XX US / #? UL
LP – Encouraging Words by Billy Preston
Produced by George Harrison
Noteworthy as Billy covers two Harrison songs no one has ever heard yet, "My Sweet Lord" and, "Isn't It A Pity".

John&Yoko are at Abbey Road simultaneously recording their first, "Pop" solo albums, both to be titled, Plastic Ono Band. On the sessions with John on guitar/piano, are Klaus Voorman on bass, & Ringo on drums. Lennon asks Phil Spector to produce but can't find him in time before the sessions start. He joins them later and mixes the LPs.

45 – "Beaucoups of Blues" by Ringo Starr
His debut solo single and title song from the album of the same name.

After the percieved XXXX. Ringo concentrates on his burgening acting career.
Charts # 87 US /
Ringo is in the studio with George Harrison producing. They record overdubs on "It Don't Come Easy". Also on the session are BV's from Badfinger.

LP – George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
George Harrison releases his first solo "pop" LP, the three disc set.
45 – "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison
Not released in UK until three months later in Jan 1971.
This went on to be the biggest selling single of 1971. And the first ex-Beatle to have a solo #1
Produced by Phil Spector

Charts #1 around the world!

On the left: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band  •  On the right; Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band. 
LP – John&Yoko release, two simultaneous solo LP's, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band with the same musicians and almost identical album artwork (the difference in Lennon's words, "...
in Yoko's, she's leaning back on me; in mine, I'm leaning on her."). The back cover of both albums features portraits of themselves as young children.

Despite John&Yoko thinking of these albums as interconnected, of course the world doesn't see them in the same light, with Yoko's LP, the more experimental, and lower selling one, while John's LP getting all the attention,
the International Pop Star press, and chart success.
45 – "Mother" by John Lennon
An edited single version released in North America only. And as with every Lennon 45 singles the B-Side is a Yoko track, "Why".
Produced by Phil Spector, John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Charts #43 US /

Dec 31st: Paul McCatney files legal documents to disolve The Beatles partnership.

The suit was filed against;
John Ono Lennon of Ascot, Berkshire;
George Harrison of Henley-on-Thames, Berkshire;
Richard "Ringo" Starkey of Highgate, London; and
Apple Corps of Savile Row, London.

The writ was issued in the High Court’s Chancery Division, based at the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand.

"The Dream is Over"

As the year ends, it is the end of an era.
The Beatles are officially no more.
And so begins their separate (yet forever intertwined) solo careers.

For Part IV (1971) link here...

After all is said and done, 
It's only Rock 'n' Roll. 


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