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Sunday, December 4, 2011

All Time is Now • Episode #021 - Side B: 4th week of Nov

I N D I E 1 0 3 1 • ALL TIME is NOW
My playlist from Side Two of Episode #021,
Dec 4th 2011
the first week of December...

1. I WOULD DIE 4 U by Prince and The Revolution
THIS WEEK in 1984: The fourth single from the smash hit Long Player, Purple Rain.
From Lee's 1970 Long Player, Yes, We Can ...And Then Some.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lee Dorsey on Dec 24th
3. ONE LOVE by The Wailers
THIS WEEK in 1965: The original version from the Wailers' Long Player, The Wailing Wailers.
4. GUNS OF BRIXTON by Jimmy Cliff
THIS WEEK in 2011: Jimmy Cliff covers The Clash, from the brand new Sacred Fire EP. Produced bt Rancid's Armstrong.
5. THE CALL UP by The Clash
THIS WEEK in 1980: The first single from The Clash's Long, Long, Long Player, Sandanista!
6. SISTER ROSE by Neville Brothers
THIS WEEK in 1955: The tribute to Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks. From the Nevilles' Long Player, Yellow Moon.
7. DJOBI, DJOBA by Gipsy Kings
THIS WEEK in 1995: The classic track from their debut Long Player.
8. MOTHER by Quetzal
THIS WEEK in 1979/2003: The Pink Floyd classic remade/remodeled by Los Angeles band Quetzal. From the two-disc tribute compilation, A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd.
8. ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL by Bluegrass Tribute To...
THIS WEEK in 1979: From the very popular, Pickin' On series. From the  Long Player, Pickin' On Pink Floyd.
9. MY GENERATION (Instrumental) by The Who
THIS WEEK in 1965: The debut Long Player from The Who.
10. Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand
THIS WEEK in 1977: The French Punk classic.
9. STROBE LIGHT by The B-52's
THIS WEEK in 1980: The New Wave classic from their second Long Player, Wild Planet.
9. GLORIA by Pattie Smith
THIS WEEK in 1975: Taking off with the Van Morrison/Them cover into Punk Biblical poetry. From the legendary debut Long Player, Horses.

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