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Sunday, October 16, 2011

All Time is Now • Episode #014 - Side B: 3rd week of Oct

I N D I E 1 0 3 1 • ALL TIME is NOW
My playlist from Side Two of Episode #014
Oct 16th 2011
the second week of October...
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THIS WEEK in 2003: The Desert Blues from Northern Africa. From their Long Player, Amassakoui.
2. THE AFTERLIFE by Paul Simon
From Paul Simon's most recent Long Player, So Beautiful Or So What.
HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY to Paul on Oct 13th
3. EVER SO LONELY by Monsoon
THIS WEEK in 1982: The landmark hit featuring 16 year old, Sheila Chandra. I huge hit in the UK, Europe, and Australia, never released as a single in the US or (amazingly) the Indian Subcontinent.
THIS WEEK in 1980: The lead track from their forth Long Player, Gentlemen Take Polaroids.
5. REDEMPTION SONG (Band version) by Bob Marley & The Wailers
THIS WEEK in 1980: The rare "band" version (B-Side) of the classic Bob Marley track.
6. DARKNESS by The Police
THIS WEEK in 1981: From their forth Long Player, Ghost In The Machine.
7. ON MY RADIO by The Selecter
THIS WEEK in 1979: The Top Ten 2 Tone classic from Coventry's The Selecter.

8. THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT (En Espanñol) by Sweet & Tender Hooligans
THIS WEEK in 1992/2007: The post-break up single covered by Smiths/Morrissey tribute band Sweet & Tender Hooligans. From the tribute compilation, Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before.

9. LUCKY NOW by Ryan Adams
THIS WEEK in 2011: The lead single from Ryan's thirteenth Long Player, Ashes & Fire.

10. BAD GIRL by The Miracles
THIS WEEK in 1959: The very first Motown 45! Released locally on Motown and licensed for National distribution by Chess Records.

11. YOU CAN'T DO THAT by The Supremes
THIS WEEK in 1964: The Supremes travel to England for this Beatles cover. From their Long Player, A Bit of Liverpool.
• SONIC HISTORY LESSON: Radio hurt sheet music sales and Vaudville, TV was supposed to kill Radio.
The future as past.
12. MISS SARAJEVO by Passengers feat. Luciano Pavarotti
The Top Ten European hit from the U2/Brian Eno side project, Passengers and their 1995 Long Player, Original Soundtracks 1.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Luciano on Oct 12th (1935)

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All Time is Now • Episode #014 - Hour One: 2nd week of Oct

I N D I E 1 0 3 1 • ALL TIME is NOW
My playlist from Hour One of Episode #014
Oct 16th 2011
the second week of October...
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1. SORROW by David Bowie
THIS WEEK in 1973: Bowie's first post-Ziggy 45. The only single from his covers Long Player, Pin Ups.
THIS WEEK in 1971: One of the greatest single of all time! The Who's only Top Ten in the USofA.  From their art project Long Player, The Who Sell Out.
3. AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG by The Rolling Stones
THIS WEEK in 1974: The Temptations cover featuring Billy Preston on piano. From their Long Player, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll.
4. CIGARETTES & ALCOHOL by Rod Stewart
THIS WEEK in 1994: Oasis release their classic single, I went with Rod the Mod's version from his 1998 covers Long Player, When We Were The New Boys.
THIS WEEK in 1980: The great band lead by Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds, with Billy Bremner and Terry Williams. From their first (and only) Long Player, Seconds of Pleasure.
6. BEANS AND CORN BREAD by Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
THIS WEEK in 1949: The #1 Race record (that's what they used to call them) in the USofA.
7. BE MY GUEST by Fats Domino
THIS WEEK in 1956: The classic from Fats. From his Be My Guest EP.
8. GARDEN PARTY by Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band
THIS WEEK in 1971: The Gig that inspired the song took place on Oct 15th 1971. The Rock 'n Roll Revival concert at Madison Square Garden with Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Bobby Rydell and Ricky Nelson.
THIS WEEK in 1984: From their second Long Player, Reckoning.
10. JUMP by David Lee Roth with John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
The Van Halan classic re-modeled as a Bluegrass barn stormer. From the Long Player, Strummin' with The Devil.
HAPPY 57TH BIRTHDAY to Diamond Dave on Oct 10th
11. HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN by Sex Pistols
THIS WEEK in 1977: The lead song and fourth single from the ground breaking Long Player, Never Mind The Bollocks.

12. JOHNNY B. ROTTEN by The Monks
THIS WEEK in 1979: The ex-members of The Strawbs take on New Wave. A double platinum hit in Canada. From the Long Player, Bad Habits.
THIS WEEK in 1965: The debut solo Long Player, All I Really Want To Do produced by Sonny. The LP included two Dylan covers.
14. BEDROCK TWITCH by Rock Roll
THIS WEEK in 1962: The Flintstones' episode "The Twitch" aired this week. Pop singer "Rock Roll" suffers an allergic reaction and cannot perform, Fred comes to the rescue by impersonating and lip-synching to his hit record. 

15. THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT by Little Richard and His Band
THIS WEEK in 1957: The main title song from the Motion Picture, The Girl Can't Help It staring Jane Mansfield. Written for Fats Dominoe who never recorded it. The film also features performances by Little Richard, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent.

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