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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

All Time is Now • Episode #004 - Hour One

My playlist from the first week of August
Episode #004 – Hour One

My playlist from part one of Episode #004,
the first week of August...

1. TAXMAN by The Beatles
THIS WEEK in 1966: The seventh Long Player from The Beatles, Revolver kicked off (for the first time) with a George Harrison song,"Taxman". FYI; The Tax Rate in the UK in the mid 1960s was a staggering 90%!
2. START! by The Jam
THIS WEEK in 1980: The #1 hit from The Jam Long Player, Sound Affects. Maybe a little too influenced by The Beatles "Taxman".
3. SLIP KID by The Who
THIS WEEK in 1976: The second single from the Long Player, The Who By Numbers.
4. HOUSE OF BLUE LIGHTS by Freddie Slack and Ella Mae Morse
"Well, what's your pleasure, treasure?" The classic Jive-talking hipster Freddie Slack and Ella Ma Morse from their 1946 78 RPM hit.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Freddie Slack on Aug 7th (1910)
5. MACK THE KNIFE by Louis Armstrong and his All Stars
The Louis Armstrong classic from 1956. Written by Kurt Wiel & Bertolt Breckt from their play, The Three Penny Opera. Louis' version was Banned in the UK for it's violent lyrics.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Louis on Aug 1st (1904)
THIS WEEK in 1957: The Philadelphia based popular after school music show was broadcast as a planned summer replacement for 5 weeks. It became an instant Nation-wide hit and was on the air well into the late 1980's. The theme tune was a Swing tune from The Les Elgart Orchestra, "Bandstand Boogie" in 1955.
6. (LET ME BE YOUR) TEDDY BEAR by Elvis Presley
THIS WEEK in 1957: And the number one song in the country that same week was Elvis Presley's classic "Teddy Bear".
7. BABY LIKES TO ROCKET by The Tractors
THIS WEEK in 1994: The biggest and best selling Country hit of 1994. From The Tractors debut Long Player, The Tractors.
8. BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY by Neil & The Shocking Pinks
THIS WEEK in 1983: Neil Young's controversial Rockabilly record from 1983. Neil recorded this after Geffen Records label head David Geffen asked him to record a "Rock" record.
9. DON'T GET ME WRONG by Pretenders
THIS WEEK in 1986: From the Long Player, Get Close.
10. THE WORLD AND HIS WIFE by Elvis Costello & The Attractions with the TKO Horns
THIS WEEK in 1983: From the Long Player, Punch The Clock.
11. WAY DOWN NOW by World Party
THIS WEEK in 1990: From the Long Player, Goodbye Jumbo.
12. SALLY CAN'T DANCE by Lou Reed
THIS WEEK in 1974: The single version of the title track from Lou Reed's Long Player,  Sally Can't Dance.
13. WHAT'S THE MATTER BABY? by Ellen Foley
THIS WEEK in 1979: You know her voice from duets with Meatloaf and The Clash. Her debut Long Player, Nightout was produced by Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson.
14. JOHN and MARSHA by Stan Freberg
THIS WEEK in 1951: The debut 45 from Author, Radio Personality and Puppeteer, Stan Freberg. Despite only having two and a half words, was Banned in the UK by the BBC.
HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY to Stan Freberg on Aug 2nd

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